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    Human Resource Management (Associate Degree)

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Program Mission:

The Human Resource Management program is committed to providing a broad range of Human Resource Management skills designed to meet student aspirations and the needs of the business community. This program endeavors to help students attain their highest educational goals and to provide them a firm foundation in Human Resource Management practices and a firm value based foundation for lifelong learning and a career in Human Resource Management

Program Objectives:

The Associate Degree in Human Resource Management has the following educational objectives:

  • To learn the vital aspects of human resource management management
  • To use basic business and management practices in work environment
  • To learn the essential business communications skills
  • To learn how to use information technology in the field of HRM
  • To operate in an ethical and professional manner in the workplace  
  • To learn the theory and practice of business in the legal environment
  • To have the skills and motivation to pursue lifelong learning 8. Continue education at the bachelor level
Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Associate Degree program in Human Resource Management, the graduate should be able to:
  • Recognize the development of the theory, concepts, and practices of human resource management
  • Maintain personnel records and human resources information systems
  • Recruit and interview qualified candidates for available positions
  • Administer payroll and benefit programs
  • Coordinate employee training  
  • Apply labor law
  • Communicate effectively
  • Behave ethically in the workplace
Professional Occupations:

After completing the program, students may take up any professional Human Resource Management occupation such as:
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Coordinator
  • HR Manager
  • HR Director
  • Compensation
  • Staffing

Program Faculty:



Dr. Basheer M. Al-Ghazali
Assistant Professor/ BA Programs Coordinator
ghazali C-274-3
Mr.Hasan Perrveiz
perrveiz C-270-2
Mr. Mohammad Faiz-e RABBANI
faize C-270-3
Dr. Faisal A. AL-MUHANA
muhana C-166

Curriculum Overview:

The Objectives of the Associate Degree in Human Resource Management are achieved through a curriculum made up of courses in the following four areas:

    General Courses
    ENGL101     English Composition I
    ENGL102     English Composition II
    IAS111        Belief and its Consequences
    IAS201        Objective Writing
    MATH121    Introduction to Applied Calculus
    Basic Courses
    ACCT 101     Principles of Human Resource Management I
    BA 101          Introduction to Business
    BA 200          Business Communications
    CIT 101         Introduction to Microcomputers
    CIT 140         Computer Applications I
    CIT 141         Computer Applications II
    MGT 201        Principles of Management
    SCM 120        Essentials of Business Statistics  
    HRM Courses
    HRM 101      Principles of Human Resource Management
    HRM 102      Staffing
    HRM 201      Training and Development
    HRM 202      Compensation and Benefit Management
    HRM 203      Conflict Management
    HRM 204      Labor Law and Social Insurance
    HRM 199      Summer Internship
    HRM Electives
   HRM 205    ERP Applications in Human Resource Management
   HRM 206    Workplace Psychology
    Business Electives
    BA 150       Human Relations and Psychology
    BA 221       Business Law
    ACCT 102   Principles of Accounting II
    MKT 101     Principles of Marketing
    SCM 255     Negotiations and Contracts
    SCM 121     Quantitative Methods
    Human Resource Management Summer Internship
This is a summer internship experience for Human Resource Management students. Under the instructor’s supervision, each student must participate in a structured period of eight weeks in the Human Resource Management section in a selected economic organization. The course is designed to provide each student with the necessary education, technical, and people skills to be successful in an Human Resource Management position. The student must write a report about his summer internship.
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