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 Final Exam 202
Dammam Community College
Associate Degree Courses 14 April 2021
Course code Course name Date Day Time Location
ACCT205-3 Computer Applications in Accounting 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
CIT125-3 Programming I 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
HRM202-3 Compensation and Benefit Management 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
HRM101-3 Principles of HRM 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 10:00 PM  
SCM231-3 Supply Chain Management 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
BA200-3 Business Communication 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
ST209-3 Emergency Management 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
MKT125-3 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 27-Apr-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
ACCT101-3 Principles of Accounting I 28-Apr-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
CIT123-3 Introduction to Networking 28-Apr-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
HRM102-3 Staffing 28-Apr-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
ST103-3 Accident Investigation & Analysis 28-Apr-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
CIT223-3 Mobile Application Development 28-Apr-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
ACCT252-3 Managerial Accounting 29-Apr-21 Thursday 1:00 PM  
CIT220-4 Database Management 29-Apr-21 Thursday 1:00 PM  
CIT122-3 Introduction to Database Management 29-Apr-21 Thursday 1:00 PM  
IAS201-2 Writing for Professional Needs 29-Apr-21 Thursday 1:00 PM  
ST206-3 Regulations and Legal Aspects of Safety 29-Apr-21 Thursday 1:00 PM  
MKT101-3 Principles of Marketing 29-Apr-21 Thursday 10:00 PM  
BA101-3 Introduction to Business 30-Apr-21 Friday 10:00 PM  
CIT142-3 Introduction to Computer Applications 30-Apr-21 Friday 10:00 PM  
CIT124-2 Introduction to Information Security 1-May-21 Saturday 1:00 PM  
MATH115-3 Finite Mathematics 1-May-21 Saturday 1:00 PM  
SCM253-3 Transportation & Logistics 1-May-21 Saturday 1:00 PM  
MGT201-3 Principles of Management 1-May-21 Saturday 1:00 PM  
HRM206-3 Workplace Psychology 1-May-21 Saturday 1:00 PM  
ACCT202-3 Intermediate Accounting II 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
ST211-3 Human Factors in Safety  2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
ENGL101-3 Introduction to Academic Discourse 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
BA221-3 Business Law 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
CIT210-4 Operating Systems I 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
ST207-3 Human Factors in Safety 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
CIT227-3 Introduction to Linux 2-May-21 Sunday 1:00 PM  
ACCT102-3 Principles of Accounting II 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
ACCT245-3 Introduction to Auditing 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
CIT120-4 PC Mainatenance and Troubleshooting 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
CIT127-3 Introduction to Computer Maintenance 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
HRM204-3 Labor Law and Social Insurance 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
MKT120-3 Introduction to Sales 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
SCM125-3 Principles of Supply Chain Management 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
ST104-3 Risk Assessment 3-May-21 Monday 1:00 PM  
ECON103-3 Introduction to Economics 4-May-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
MKT202-3-3 Retail Management 4-May-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
BIOL133-3 Biology for Engineers 4-May-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
ST205-3 Industrial Hygiene 4-May-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
CIT225 Network Security and Penetration Testing 4-May-21 Tuesday 1:00 PM  
MGT101-3 Principles of Management 5-May-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
IAS111-2 Belief and its Consequences 5-May-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
HRM215-3 Negotiation and Conflict Management 5-May-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
MKT204-3 Consumer Behavior 5-May-21 Wednesday 1:00 PM  
ENGL102-3 Introduction to Report Writing 6-May-21 Thusrday 1:00 PM  
MGT202-3 Organization Behavior 6-May-21 Thusrday 1:00 PM  
SCM260-3 Quality Management 6-May-21 Thusrday 1:00 PM  
ST208-3 Safety Training Methods 6-May-21 Thusrday 1:00 PM  
Preparatory Year Courses
Course   Course Name  Date Day  Time Location
ENGL-PREP Preparatory English  Modules ** ** ** **
MATH001   Preparatory Math I  1-May-21 Saturday 10:00 PM DCC/Multi-Purpose Hall
MATH002   Preparatory Math II  1-May-21 Saturday 10:00 PM DCC/Multi-Purpose Hall
**Preparatory ENGL-Modules final examinations will be announced by the English Department later**
All Students taking these courses should get the exact day, time and room location from the Coordination of orientation English program
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