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    Supply Chain Management (Advanced Diploma)

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Supply Chain Management Course Descriptions:

    SCM125 Principles of Supply Chain Management (3-0-3)
Supply chain drivers. Supply chain strategies. Supply chain metrics. Types of relationship between supply chain members. Latest trends in supply chain management. Use of technology to manage supply chains. Compliance with social and environmental aspects.

Prerequisite(s): None
    SCM199 Summer Internship (0-0-3)
Practical training at workplace environment is given in the field of students’ major. The duration of the summer internship course is eight weeks of full time work. A student is assigned a work supervisor who plans student training and provides guidance and advice during the training period. Students are graded on the basis of documentation of acquired learning as reported by the student and employer.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of 28 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.0
    SCM235 Operations Management (3-0-3)
Fundamental concepts, principles, problems, and practices. Operations strategy, products and process design, capacity planning, production scheduling, materials requirements planning forecasting, inventory fundamentals, order quantities, just-in-time manufacturing and lean production.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 115, SCM 125
    SCM249 Special Topics in Supply Chain Management (3-0-3)
This course explores the current issues in the field of SCM. It focuses on the practical aspects of the challenges and trends in the areas of supply chain management. The course is comprised of components aiming to acquaint students with the latest developments in the field of SCM.

Prerequisite(s): SCM125 and departmental approval
    SCM250 Inventory & Warehouse Management (3-0-3)
Inventory planning. Replenishment of inventory. Management of stock location. Management of warehouse operations. Safety issues with inventory management. Latest technological trends in managing modern warehouses.

Prerequisite(s): SCM125
    SCM251 Purchasing Management (3-0-3)
Fundamental purchasing functions. The purchasing process. Organizational purchasing policies. Procurement strategies. Cost management. Supplier selection and evaluation. Negotiations process and tactics. Contract management. Legal aspects, ethics and the negotiation process.

Prerequisite(s): SCM 125
    SCM253 Transportation & Logistics (3-0-3)
Introduction to logistics functions. Role of intermediaries in transportation and logistics. Packaging options. Understanding of commercial documentations. Reverse logistics concept. Issues related to distribution and transportation of goods.

Prerequisite(s): SCM 250
    SCM255 Negotiations and Contracts (3-0-3)
Negotiation planning. The conflict and negotiation process. Negotiation strategies. Ethics and best practices in negotiation. Communication in negotiation. Framing and tactics in negotiation. Multiparty and teams in negotiation. International and multicultural negotiations.

Prerequisite(s): BA 221
    SCM260 Quality Management (3-0-3)
Quality management philosophies. Service quality, re-engineering, inspection and testing. 9001 and 14001 standards and European Quality Award. Mistake proofing, failure mode and effect analysis, 5S and seven quality control tools.

Prerequisite(s): SCM251
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