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    Early Registration for Term 113 & 121

Early Registration Procedure

Summer Session 2011 (113) & First Semester 2012-2013 (121)  

Why is Early Registration Important?
Early Registration is important for students because: it provides a basis for finalizing courses to be offered; the number of sections to be opened for each course; the schedule of classes; manpower requirements and so on. It is mandatory for every student to register early. Academic departments are advised to ask their faculty members to stress the importance of the Early Registration process to students and to encourage them to register.

Courses offered for Summer (113) & First Semester (121)

Students can check for the courses offered, in both semesters and the timings of classes online, through DCC and Diploma websites it is now available on this link.

Dates of Early Registration

Students can register through the Student Information System (SIS web)

The Early Registration process will be take place according to the following schedule.



Students collect web pins from Registration Office Room 137 (if they do not have a web pin)


Students can visit their academic advisors for guidance during Week 10

Week 10


7 - 11 April, 2012

Students must do the Early Registration process through SISWEB


Advisors should confirm student registrations before 18 May 2011

Week 11,12 & 13


14th April - 2nd May, 2012

Associate Degree Students
Early Registration is required for all associate degree-level students i.e. Marketing, Accounting and Computer & Information Technology who intend to continue their studies at DCC during Semester 121.

Summer Internship students
Students eligible for Summer Internship during Summer Session (113) must register for the courses online through Student Information System (SIS web). Students should make sure that they are eligible by completing the relevant forms at the Vocational Training Office.

Conditions for eligibility for Summer Internship:
1. Student should complete at least 28 hours by the ending of the term 112
2. Student cumulative GPA >= 2

Prep Year Students
Prep Year students who intend to study during the Summer Session (113) can register online at the SIS WEB. Student registration for summer (113) will be preliminary and the actual registration will be at the beginning of the summer session after meeting some conditions.

Also Prep Year Students can register during the Early Registration period for the first semester next year 2011-2012 Term (121). Their registration will be very simple. Every student will click “Yes” if he is going to continue his study at DCC or “No” if he does not want to.

Your advisor
Students can check their advisors by visiting the link below:  

Students who do not see their names on the above referred to web site please contact Registrar's Office Room 138 immediately.

Registration Confirmation by advisors
Students are responsible of ensuring that both pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements have been met for the courses entered during the Early Registration period. Advisors are required to confirm the registration of their respective students and to make sure that they meet these course requirements.

Students who do not do Early Registration.

Any student who does not register during the early registration period (refer to the table above) will be faced with following consequences:

1. His registration will be delayed until the beginning of the next semester and he will not allowed to register until he pays a late fees fine

2. His registration will be based on the available courses and will not be guaranteed.

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